Oota is a celebration of food from Karnataka, South India. Our online journal will share recipes and stories from the women, girls and friends of the Baale Mane Girls’ Home in Gopalapura Village, outside Bangalore.

'Oota' means meal in Kannada, the regional language of Karnataka, and is also part of the phrase commonly used at Baale Mane: ‘oota aita?’, to ask if you have had something to eat: an expression of love and care in Indian culture.

Oota is a fundraising initiative from the Baale Mane Girls’ Home in Gopalapura, rural Bangalore. The funds raised through this project will enable us to continue to provide the girls with high-quality and long-term care and the opportunity for a brighter future. We believe that proper nutrition and wholesome food is a key part of nurturing the girls to become strong women, and Oota will showcase this part of our programme.

Our website will share a collection of recipes from the home, and feature specialties from members of staff and women in the community along with their stories. Through Oota we invite you into our home to share our food stories. We aim to encourage people across the world to cook our traditional recipes, raising awareness of Baale Mane and supporting our fundraising initiative by hosting Supper Clubs and buying Supper Club products.

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