Our products have been designed by the Baale Mane girls, curated by our Creative Editor, Tess Verity, and hand-printed and stitched by our partners in Bangalore. 

Find out more about our partners and the process of making the supper club packs below. 


Tharangini Studios

Established in 1977, Tharangini is home to some of the finest, block print artisans in India. Tharangini have lovingly hand-printed the fabric which makes up our Supper Club Packs, using our very own, custom blocks, hand-chiselled by their expert block-makers. Find out more here. 


MITU Foundation

MITU Foundation works to provide rural women with employment and economic empowerment opportunities. The women working with MITU have stitched each of the pieces in our Supper Club Pack, receiving a fair wage for their efforts. Find out more about MITU and their work here. 

Rekha S.jpg

Rekha S, Baale Mane

This is Rekha, our Supper Club Pack block-print designer, with one of her drawings. Rekha has been at Baale Mane for many years now, and is currently working in a nursery school for children with disability. She is a strong and caring young woman, and whips up drawings like these with ease and creative flair! Find out more about Baale Mane here.